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“Black or White” Comeback Support Master Plan


Goal: Cross Gene Winning #1

Feel free to translate this tutorial!

Music Shows to Win On:

*Only ways international fans can help are listed*

-Mcountdown (airs Thursday 6PM KST)

*We are aiming at Mcountdown Feb. 16th the most*

50% Digital Sales (MelOn, Soribada, Bugs, Mnet)

15% Physical Album Sales (Hanteo, Synnara, Hot tracks)

15% Social Media Score (Youtube Official MV)

10% Rating (Global Fan Vote + Age Preference) [Tutorial]

10% Live Broadcast Voting (for top 3 artist only) [Tutorial]


-Inkigayo (airs Sunday 12:10PM KST)

55% Digital Sales (Gaon Digital Chart: Melon, Genie, Mnet, Soribada, Naver, Olleh, Bugs and KakaoMusic)

35% Social Media Score (Official MV YouTube views + SNS points)

5% Physical album sales (Gaon Chart)

5% Pre-voting (SBS Website) [Tutorial]

10% Live voting (ARS Call Voting) [Tutorial]


-Show Champion (airs Wednesday 6PM KST)

50% Digital Sales (Melon, Genie, Naver, Bugs, Soribada)

10% Physical Sales (Hanteo etc)

10% Prevoting (Idol Champ App)

Best Ways To Help:


1) Digital streaming and downloading

  • This is the most important way to help as it is the biggest portion that goes into winning music shows. If you only have enough money to buy one physical album, or stream digitally, it is recommended that you help stream by buying a MelOn voucher (MP3 + 30 Days Unlimited Streaming: $15.40 USD) [General Digital Streaming Guidelines]
    • MelOn is the most important streaming service [Tutorial]
      • Only iOS users can directly purchase MelOn, Mnet and other paid Korean streaming vouchers, so you will have to ask a fellow CandY or message the following people with your MelOn account information to purchase the voucher for you:
      • @CROSSGENE_ASIA, @memejaeho or @CG_MALAYSIA_FB on Twitter with your MelOn account information, so we can log into your account and buy the voucher for you.
      • You will need to pay crossgene_asia on our Paypal e-mail beforehand:, for @memejaeho her e-mail: and if you are contacting Cross Gene Malaysia, they will give their own information once you DM them
    • Genie is the second most important, and you can stream on it for free [Tutorial]
    • Naver counts toward Inkigayo & Show Champion, and you can stream on it for free as well [Tutorial]
  • *Important note* those who are new to buying digital streaming vouchers, please attempt buying your vouchers at least two days before the comeback, so if you run into any problems you can ask fellow CandY to help you.
  • You can win a Mirror album if you take screenshots of your streams. More on the giveaway here.

2) Youtube MV streaming

  • There are a few key points to keep in mind when streaming:
    • Do not use shortcut methods like auto-refresh: it will make your views count as spam
    • Use the AutoHD Chrome extension (check “allow in incognito”) so every time you watch the MV in incognito, it is in HD.
    • You can download the Softether VPN so that you can change IPs whenever viewing on normal Youtube
    • You can also go to, scroll down, click “Youtube”, then search the MV, click under the MV for “default: 720P”. Watch the MV all the way through without pausing. This allows your IP to change as well so you can create many tabs for it.
    • The manual way is here as follows:
      1. Be logged out of your Youtube account
      2. Use an incognito window to watch the MV (Ctrl+ Shift + N)
      3. Search in Youtube: CROSS GENE Black or White
      4. Watch the entire MV without pausing
      5. Once done, close the incognito window and open a new one and repeat these same steps

3) Pre-voting for music shows

  • This is voting done before shows air their episode and is super easy and free.
    • You can create multiple e-mails to vote on Inkigayo and Mnet! [Secret E-Mail Shorcut Tutorial] DM us @CROSSGENE_ASIA on Twitter for the password to the tutorial
    • Mnet and Inkigayo will block IPs if they vote continuously on the same day with different accounts, so to bypass IP bans, sign up and use VPNs to change your IP and region. They are super easy to use. A few you can use: [Tunnelbear] [Hola VPN]

4) Buying their physical album

  • If you have enough money left over from digital streaming, then proceed to buy their physical album! Physical album sales are worth 15% for Mcountdown–the main show we are aiming for.
    • Remember to always buy from trusted sellers that count your purchase toward the Hanteo chart
    • If you can only purchase one physical album, it is better to order it once the album is actually released, instead of pre-ordering, so your orders directly count towards Hanteo.

5) SNS Points: Tweeting & Facebook Sharing

  • SNS points count towards Inkigayo 35%, part of it is MV views and another part of it is how represented CROSS GENE are on Social media, such as Twitter and Facebook.
    • Tweet with the hashtag “#크로스진” as much as you can (maximum 100 tweets per hour though)
      • There is an easier way to do so. DM @CROSSGENE_ASIA for our secret weapon regarding tweeting
    • On CROSS GENE’s official Facebook, like, share and comment on their posts
    • Use the [Gaon Social Chart Tutorial] to share CROSS GENE’s MV on Twitter/Facebook/Weibo [Weibo Sign Up Tutorial] and increase SNS points this way

6) Live voting and searching

  • For Mcountdown and Inkigayo, the top 2 or 3 artists nominated for the win will have a period of live voting
  • Search 크로스진 on MelOn, Naver, Daum and Nate during live broadcasts to help CROSS GENE trend and increase SNS points


To help everything be more organized, create an excel document with all your usernames and passwords. For clarity, use the comeback support calendar below! Highlighted area represents the most important week of the comeback, as it is our best shot at a win.

Mcountdown voting: Fri 2PM KST – Monday 9AM KST

Inkigayo Voting: Ends Sunday 12PM KST before broadcast

Suggested way to organize information:

Cross Gene Comeback Support Calendar


Important note: those who are new to buying digital streaming vouchers, please attempt buying your vouchers at least two days before the comeback, so if you run into any problems you can ask fellow CandY to help you. Sometimes vouchers just will not be purchased even on iOS devices, so you will need to ask CandY who can purchase vouchers to buy them for you by logging into your account. You can pay them for the voucher via a Paypal payment or something of the sort. @CROSSGENE_ASIA will be helping people who cannot purchase vouchers by themselves and will purchase vouchers for them, we will be accepting Paypal as a method of buying vouchers. More on this will be posted later.

The highlighted area represents the most important week of the comeback, as it is our best shot at a win.

Mcountdown voting: Fri 2PM KST – Monday 9AM KST

Inkigayo Voting: Ends Sunday 12PM KST before broadcast

[TUTORIAL] Gaon Social Chart SNS Points


Gaon Social Chart is a way to increase SNS points for Mcountdown and Inkigayo. Follow the tutorial to sign up and increase CROSS GENE’s SNS points.

1. Visit the Gaon Website






4. This message should pop up once you successfully register. cgg

5. Go to the Gaon Social Chart page



6. Find CROSS GENE (will be written in their Hangul form: 크로스진) and click the FB, Twitter and Yinyuetai buttons to share and stream their song on those sites.


Korean Streaming Apps Guide


There are seven major music services you can use to support CROSS GENE on music shows (iTunes doesn’t count): MelOn, Naver, Soribada, Mnet, Genie, Olleh, and Bugs. MelOn is the most major streaming site because all music shows count MelOn downloads and streams. Keep in mind every music show has its own criteria. The more apps you stream in, the better!

Importance by weight of chart:

Melon > Genie > Mnet > Bugs > Soribada > Olleh Music > Naver Music

App info: iOS users must change their regions to South Korea and addresses to a Korean one to download these apps. Visit the MelOn tutorial to see how to do so. For Android users, you must download apks (linked below) to download the apps. This means you will need to tweak your security settings to download the apps, but once they are downloaded you can change back your privacy settings. Because we only have MelOn, Genie and Naver tutorials that show how to stream and download, please use other guides online for better help. We will hopefully get to their tutorials soon, too!





  • Downloads 80% Streaming 20%
  • International fans’ downloads do not count (iOS downloads do not count)
  • App [Android / iOS] + PC streaming (use website player; click the red play button on the top left)



  • Downloads 50% Streaming 50%
  • International fans can only stream, not download (need Korean ID)
  • App [Android / iOS] + PC streaming (use website player or exclusive player)



How to correctly stream and download:

  • You must be logged in to your account
  • Search for the song on the website, app or in the specific player, and play the full song (it should not be 1 minute).
  • Do not mute, replay, shuffle, fast-forward or touch the player.
  • Use your streams wisely. For each service, only one stream is counted for the real time chart hourly, and one stream is counted on the daily chart. So stream once an hour for said song for each music service.
  • Log out before 12:00AM KST, and if you’re on the app, close the app! You can then log in again to continue streaming if you wish.
  • Downloads only count once per ID, re-downloads do not count. Re-downloads are different from purchasing the same song again!
  • If you want to download the same song again, one download only counts once a day per one ID, so you must use a different ID or wait the next day on the same ID to download the same song again.
  • Purchasing the songs and streaming them on your personal music player does not count toward charts

Streaming Dictionary:

듣기 = listen
닫기 = close
삭제 = delete
추가 = add to playlist
재생목록 = playlist
전체듣기 = stream all
동기화 = playlist history
이용권 = ticket
정보 = information
취소 = cancel
확인 = confirm
설정 = settings
x회 = x many times you can stream
x일 = x days left of voucher

  • 1
  • 2


The group made their debut in Korea on June 11th, 2012, and in Japan on March 13th, 2013.



Miracle Gene
Husky Vocal


Presh Gene
Nice Leader


Organic Gene
Deep Tone Rap


MyPace Gene
Sexy Pop Vocal