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161009 CrossGene.Asia Newsleter/ Update #9

CasperCross GeneNewsletterSangminSeyoungShinTakuyaYongseok

We have a number of updates as always this week ^_^ and I’m quite glad we’re on schedule [Zen: way to go Exie]!

Cross Gene members have individual activities but the boys themselves still promote their BOF activities. Have you had a look at the cute videos of our two tallest members in the group:
[TAKUYA] 161007 Official Twitter Update
[SHIN] 161007 Official Twitter Update

As always, Casper is our SNS king with a number of updates in his sleeves this week and he hasn’t even updated his personal Instagram account.  Some of them are as follows:
[CASPER] 161009 Instagram Update @ 1989.0704
[CASPER] 161007 Instagram Update @ blacksong_xo_ceo
[CASPER] 161007 Instagram Update @ news4u-eh
[CASPER] 161007 Instagram Update ~ @ 1989.0704
[CASPER] 161007 Instagram Update @ 1989.0704

You can also see a number of preview of his activities in Taiwan from our favorite fansites. Also, if it doesn’t take so much of your time, you can also visit this site:

We are still waiting for our translators to tell us what the interview is all about but just wait patiently ^_^ Btw, this is a good opportunity :

Takuya has been gracing our Twitter TLINE with his nostrils -er his gorgeousness. He is preparing for his musical feature in Black Butler: Noah’s Arc and will be staying alone in Japan for awhile [X: by alone means away from the boys and we feel he’s particularly lonely T^T]  so please do cheer him up by sending him lovely messages in Twitter. You can check his last posts here and here.

Yongseok as it turns out is going to have another musical soon! It is amazing when the boys get recognized for what they do best.

We know that many of you are excited and willing to share Sangmin’s photos in Instagram. However, he has kept it private for a good reason. Please respect his privacy by not sharing his photos ^_^ but you can definitely request him to approve your follow request in Instagram.  Isn’t that more satisfying?

You can also leave comments for Sangmin and Seyoung too in Shin-kun’s FM YOKOHAMA blog ^_^ They were featured here:

Thanks CG Malaysia for providing us the translations!

Or you can also leave comments her:


We also want to wish the members of our Forum many happy returns!

For those who want to wish our dear Leader a happy birthday, you can SEND so:

Doesn’t he look dashing in here:

[Summer: SHIN IS PERFECT! | X: Yes, we heard you XD]

Also for those who want to support Cross Gene even further, you can vote for Sangmin and Yongseok here:

Guys! It won’t hurt to participate in fan-made posts like this one:

Or better yet, make your own bias list and introduce Cross Gene here:

Please remember to always #DoitforCROSSGENE and love them.



161004 Instagram Update @ Wujin Cho

CasperCross GeneSangminSeyoungShinTakuyaYongseok

160926 CrossGene.Asia Newsletter/Update #7

CasperCross GeneNewsletterSangminSeyoungShinTakuyaYongseok

We have a number of Cross Gene updates for everyone so chill and enjoy looking at this spider.

If someone managed to figure why of all the photos, Cross Gene decided to post this one, please let us know and save our souls [X: and Summer’s sanity. | Summer: I love Cross Gene. ‘Til SPIDERS do we part!!!]

Once again, Cross Gene Malaysia has an awesome summary of Shin’s FM YOKOHAMA program! Please do check this tweet out to know what happened to our dearest leader!

We also have other Shin Updates here:
[SHIN] 160922 YouPaper Music Twitter
[SHIN|SEYOUNG] 160921 Cross Cafe , Haru Hana vol 37

Casper had a number of updates in his sleeves owing to the release of his movie! Did you see fancam videos in Facebook? What about Instagram updates? Some of them are right here:

[CASPER] 160921 Instagram Update ~ haochichiu
[CASPER] 160921 Instagram Update @ kuakua_official
[CASPER] 160922 Official Twitter Update
[CASPER] 160923 Official Twitter Update
[CASPER] 160923 Official Twitter Update ~ Battle of Hip Hopera Premier
[CASPER] 160923 Official Twitter Update ~ Thank you Japanese Fans!
[CASPER] 160923 Official Instagram Update
Youtube Video:
NowNews :

Speaking of Casper, he has an adorable video in Cross Gene’s official Youtube account. You can’t miss it! We’re pretty sure you got the notification, too but just in case, you can always go to this post right here and you’ll be directed to that “I love you” video. It seems that the members of Cross Gene are doing everything to play with our heart strings.

Hardcore CandYs have noticed Instagram activities from our favorite Hat Boy Sangmin. If you’re one of the luck CandYs he has approved to follow him, you’ll know what we’re talking about [X: Thanks Zen and Purple for this one!]

For thirsty CandYs, Shooting Star Sub has a wonderful gift for you.

Please continue support and doing it for Cross Gene everyone. ‘Til next update.


160910 CrossGene.Asia Newsletter/Update #5

CasperCross GeneNewsletterSangminSeyoungShinTakuyaYongseok

Let’s commend Cross gene for remembering to use their SNS these days! They have been actively using their accounts to give us updates! Of course we can still remember their VINE account that they have long taken for granted.

Cross Gene has finally released official announcement regarding their participation in Busan One Asia Festival! For those who can’t read Japanese, you can refer to our last week’s Newsletter as to what our favorite boys are going to be doing.

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The group made their debut in Korea on June 11th, 2012, and in Japan on March 13th, 2013.



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