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[SHIN] 180924 Cross Gene Leader Shin Wonho, “’Risky Romance’ is a work where I improved”


Cross Gene’s Shin Wonho, who is in his 8th year since debut and played as Choi Jaeseung in the MBC drama ‘Risky Romance’, said “In this work, I received a lot of help from my seniors.”

While the September Autumn wind is blowing, Topstar News had a moment to learn about Shin Wonho in a Hanbok interview at the interview room in Gangnam.


“I was an unexpected addition in the drama so I feel like I’m lacking but I received a lot of help from my seniors. During all the work, I followed them around patiently, asked questions, help, monitor and give feedback. I am grateful for my role, I had a fun filming,” Shin Wonho said regarding the end of ‘Risky Romance’.

He was especially grateful to Jeon No Min who he was with in the drama. When we asked the reason, he said, “I filmed my acting debut in ‘Bachelor’s Vegetable Store’ with Jeon No Min. I met him 6, 7 years ago but he still remembers me.”

Shin Wonho started his career in the entertainment industry in 2011 as a model for a clothing brand. Since then, he appeared in TV dramas such as Channel A’s  ‘Bachelor’s Vegetable Store’ and KBS2’s ‘Big’. He then joined the Cross Gene in 2012 as a vocalist of the team.

Shin Wonho did not only make his name in acting but also in commercials and as a singer. In 2016, he starred in ‘Legend of the Blue Sea’ with Lee Min Ho and Jeon Ji Hyun and gained recognition.

Shin Wonho’s role was the eldest son of the family with three older sisters and has a delicate soul, he thought he would no longer suffer from the nagging of women if he leaves his sisters but he fell in love with Miwoon (played by In Ah) in the drama.

When asked about the story of his ‘Risky Romance’ casting, he said, “It was my first casting call. When I got contacted, the reading was set for the next day. I went to the script reading without reading the script. The whole day when we did the reading, there was a staff sitting behind me.”


“So I attended the script reading without reading the script and was determined, saying ‘Ah, I need to do this’,” he said sharing his casting story.

He played as Choi Jaeseung, a resident internal medicine doctor. We asked if there was difficulty due to the frequent use of unfamiliar words. He said, “It’s not a hard medical drama but a fun romantic comedy genre. Sometimes it is not hard but I think what kind of disease is this? I need to know.”

We asked if there if he has any reference for Choi Jaeseung, he said while laughing, “There is the drama of my life rather than a reference.”

He also said, “I watch ‘New Heart’. I like that work so much that I watch it again and again.”


MBC’s ‘New Heart’ is a 2008 drama starring Ji Sung and Kim Min Jung.

‘It is a drama starring Jisung, who is Jisung to Shin Wonho?’

“I respect every part of him. I also just finished tvN’s ‘Familiar Wife’. Jisung did variety of roles, and no matter what they are, he immerses in it and I think that’s cool.”

He also revealed why he respects Jisung, “Since I was a child, I always wanted to be like Jisung.”

We wonder what role Shin Wonho, who loves his work, wants to challenge.


Shin Wonho said, “I’ve always wanted to play the cute and bubbly youngest child. Now that I am older, I’ll do everything I can if I get the opportunity. But since I look younger than my age, I think I can do it now and enjoy it.”

‘Do you think Shin Wonho, who is on his 8th year since debut, is a role model for someone?’

Shin Wonho said, “It would be great to be famous but I think it’ll be good if people see me and say ‘Oh? You’ve seen him on TV?’. I am grateful for being able to act. I think I should do better in the future to be satisfied.”


In addition, “I am grateful that I was given work, I will try harder to live like this. I want to keep going regardless of the work.”

He made his debut with Beanpole CF in 2011, so we asked if there are other CFs he wants to try, “When I made my debut, I shot 12 a year. I’ve done a lot. But, I’m thankful to be an exclusive model for ‘nII’. I’ve been doing it for 2 years but I still look forward to it.”


Actor Shin Wonho made his debut 8 years ago but he still looks like a passionate rookie. We see a person who is doing his best in any given role and we look forward to his future roles.



Source: TopStar News

Trans by: Caren

[SHIN] 180922 Shin Wonho, “I hope you have a peaceful and happy Chuseok”


“I hope everyone have a peaceful and happy Chuseok.”


Shin Wonho who played Choi Jaeseung in the MBC drama ‘Risky Romance’ sends his Chuseok greetings.

“I hope everyone will be safe, happy and full of laughter for Chuseok”, said Shin Wonho who recently met with HeraldPOP wearing a Hanbok at a cafe in Jongno-gu. When we asked him about his plans for Chuseok, Shin Wonho said, “I am working without a break for Chuseok but I think I’m happy.”

In the drama ‘Risky Romance’, Shin Wonho played the role of Choi Jaeseung, who has three older sisters, eldest son of the family and has a delicate soul. Choi Jaeseung thought he would no longer suffer from the nagging of women if he leaves his sisters but he fell in love with Miwoon (played by In Ah) in the drama.

Shin Wonho said, “Miwoon is the mindful and caring type. And I didn’t see it.” When asked if Miwoon is similar to his ideal type, he said, “I take care of myself”, while laughing.



Shin Wonho, leader of idol group Cross Gene and an actor, said, “I think nothing is too difficult in doing both. My members and fans are very considerate. As a leader, I always feel like I am lacking and I feel sorry about it. I feel like I should be a great leader like my seniors. I think of a lot of opinions about myself. I have my own opinion but I try to respect when everyone has their own opinion.”

When asked about his future goals as an idol and actor, Shin Wonho said, “I don’t have big plans, and I don’t know where I am headed. But it doesn’t mean I have no definite goals.”

He added, “I define myself as an entertainer. An entertainer is someone who must be good at anything and can do what they do well. If given a drama, they should be good at drama. If it is music, the music should be good. I want to do anything that can be done. I think it is a way of expression. It may take some time but I want to do it bit by bit.”


He is a youth with a lot of dreams. As an idol, actor, Shin Wonho has a lot of things to show. We look forward to seeing what other attractions he will show the public in the future.



Source: Herald Pop

Trans by: Caren

[SHIN] 180923 Cross Gene Shin Wonho, Thirsty for New Challenges



Already in his 8th year since debuting, Shin Wonho who has tried both singing and acting still says he is at the starting point.

Shin Wonho started his career in the entertainment industry in 2011 as an advertising model for a clothing brand and later on became an actor by appearing on dramas such as “Bachelor’s Vegetable Store” and KBS2’s ‘Big’. In 2012, he joined Cross Gene as a vocalist and became known as a talented singer in the music industry.

In 2016, he caught the attention (of people)  in ‘Legend of the Blue Sea’ with Lee Minho and Jeon Jihyun. Last 17th, he had an interview with Chic News after the end of the drama ‘Risky Romance’.

Last 21st, before the Chuseok holiday, we held an interview in Hanbok with actor and singer Shin Wonho at the Chic News head office. Shin Wonho is an active leader of idol group Cross Gene while building his filmography as an actor. In the interview, we were able to hear his goals in 2018 which only has 3 months left.


Q: You are wearing Hanbok before Chuseok. How does it feel?

Shin: I really like Hanbok. These days, there are a lot of comfortable clothes but I hope we can change into a society where we can normally wear Hanbok.


Q: You have an interview for Chuseok, we are curious about your holiday plans.

Shin: I am planning to for a 2 days, 1 night trip with my childhood friends. I have a friend who is a social worker and now, he supervises the plan travels. We have not decided where to go yet, it’s still a debate.



Q: If your friends who is a social worker makes the plans, what is Shin Wonho’s role?

Shin: I’m the regular person. If I have to do anything, it’ll be driving. My social worker friend is the best driver but my friend can’t do it all so I’m driving. (laughs)


Q: We can feel by the way you talk that you have great affection to your friends.

Shin: We’ve been friends since I was 6 years old. Even if we are busy, we make time to see each other often. I met with them recently and we talked about old school stories like eating, going on school trips and even those stories become healing.


Q: What other things does Shin Wonho consider ‘healing’ aside from his friends?

Shin: I am living with my cat ‘Corn’ who is almost 2 years old and 8 year old dog Minari, who are friends who give joy to me. Of course, the expense for these children is huge but the happiness they give me so great so I think I should do it.


Q: ‘Corn’ and ‘Minari’ are unique pet names.

Shin: I decided to name my pets after foods because they said that they will live longer. In my cat’s case, I usually like corn but I changed it to English and simply named it ‘Corn’. My dog is named ‘Minari’ because there was a parsley tasting in a morning show I was watching at that time so I named it ‘Minari’.

**Minari is literally translated to Parsley.


In addition, Shin Wonho showed his love for his pets by showing several photos along with the words, “I want my children to have happy memories and I just want them to live long.”


Q: Your love for your friends and pets are different. Please tell us about your parents.

Shin: When ‘Risky Romance’ ended, I went to a 3 nights and 4 days trip to Okinawa with my parents. I went to a trip with my parents once I finished my work to thank them for always supporting me on what I do.


Q: Do you have any plans for another trip?

Shin: I decided to go to Okinawa again with my parents. There was a pancake restaurant but we weren’t able to eat because we had to wait in line for too long. I promised them that we’ll eat there together next time.



Q: It’s been 8 years since your debut. Do you think you are moving toward the goal you’ve dreamed of?

Shin: I still feel that I am lacking. I feel bad about it but I also want to praise my enthusiasm so I think I’m currently at 50%.


Q: Still, you run hard in the singer and actor roads. Do you have a role model?

Shin: I’m still lacking. I want to follow everyone and I’m still trying to. If I would to mention one person, I’d say Ji Sung. He is my favorite senior. I watched the drama “New Heart” starring Ji Sung about 10 times.


Q: What role would you like to play?

Shin: I want to play strong characters in the past but now, I want to play a student of my age. I want to see and associate myself in these roles.


Q: I think you are someone with a lot of passion for acting and desire (to appear) in movies.

Shin: Of course. (For the producers) I think I’m ready, why won’t you call me? (laughs)


Q: You are walking both as professional singer and actor but it seems not difficult (for you).

Shin: There is no particularly hard part. If I had to pick, aside from the physical strength, there are no hard part. When I get tired, I try to sleep everytime I can. I feel sorry that sometimes I don’t have time to groom but I have been getting a lot of advice from my seniors about what to do.


Q: Do you have any goals you want to achieve this year?

Shin: I want to try new challenges. I am into coffee these days so I want to get a barista certification. I want to do different things that I can enjoy while acting.


Q: Lastly, greet the Chic News readers for Chuseok.

Shin: I am receiving a lot of love. I want to show you how grateful I am by improving. I hope your Chuseok will be full of laughter, and it’s been an honor to greet you through Chic News.



Source: Chic News

Trans by: Caren

[TAKUYA] 160702 Sports DongA Interview | [New Year’s Special ‘guy friend’ interview: I’ve come to see you~] Born in the year of the monkey Takuya’s traditional market date during the national holiday.


< Real ‘guy friend’ interview ‘I’ve come to see you’ Takuya conveys year of the red monkey New Year greetings >

“Magpie magpie New Year’s Day was yesterday~ Our our New Year’s Day is today~”

It is the golden New Year long holiday gushing with New Year’s greetings. Are you having a good time with your family? 2016 is the year of the red monkey! It’s the year of the monkey. met Cross Gene’s Takuya, who is also born in the year of the monkey. Together with him we found Tongin market, which was full of the smell of people. {t/n: I’m not quite sure how to translate this sentence…} You are curious about the stylish Japanese man who made the back alleys of the market into a runway, Takuya’s story right?’s ambitiously planned ‘big release of star attraction’ project (subtitle – it’s time to come into my heart but not time to go out), today’s ‘guy friend’ Takuya’s “I’ve come to see you” starts now. (This article was written in informal language based on the concept of chatting between friends.)

< Dalgona ppopgi, first time challenge! >

Reporter Kwon Bo Ra (Reporter Kwon): Takuya have you been well? How is it here? Have you been to Tongin market before?

Takuya: Eung {t/n: Sound of agreement} the filming car has been here once in the past. But it’s my first time having a close look like this. There’s a lot of delicious looking food.

Reporter Jeong Hui Yeon (Reporter Jeong): Your new song ‘Noona, You’ is good. The response is also substantial. Congratulations on 2nd place.

Takuya: Thanks. The response for our last album was good to, but it seems even better this time. We’re lucky that each time we release an album, the response gets better.

Reporter Jeong: The concept this time is more popular compared to the past.

Takuya: This song is friendlier. The clothes are also the most popular. It’s a more plainclothes feel rather than stage outfits, so it’s hard to dance while wearing a coat. Ha ha.

< Carefully carefully so that it won’t break >

Reporter Kwon: Looking at your stage, there is a ‘guy friend (male person friend)’ like feel. Do you know the term ‘guy friend’?

Takuya: Of course I know. A friend who is not like a boyfriend. Not a lover, but close friends.

Reporter Jeong: Correct. There is also a saying, ‘female friend’, for the other gender. Are you the type to have many ‘female friends’?

Takuya: I think I have a lot. I like becoming close to people. I used to be shy, but I changed to have a more enthusiastic personality when I came to Korea. I have many friends, not just females. In a ratio of 7:3, there are more males.

Reporter Jeong: You said that your personality changed when you came to Korea. Did it change as you were living in Korea, or did it change as you were working in Korea’s entertainment industry?

Takuya. It changed as I was living in Korea. In Korea, you have to clearly say ‘Yes or No’. When I was in Japan, I used to go along with other people’s words. For example, even when eating I wasn’t good at choosing the menu, but I changed a lot when I came to Korea. And I’m older.

Reporter Kwon: How did you change? Is it easier to say what you think?

Takuya: Eung. It’s easier to talk. But it’s half and half between Japan and Korea. First of all, I will say my opinion, but if the other person has a different opinion, I’m the type who accommodates and accepts well.

Reporter Kwon: are you like that even when dating?

Takuya: I think so. More than anything, I would like to be a ‘cool guy’ in front of my girlfriend. I’m a person who wants to take care of and be considerate of the other party. If my girlfriend wants it, I will listen to her and bring her to wherever she wants to go.

Reporter Kwon: How were your school days in Japan?

Takuya: If you read Japanese manga, chic and handsome male leads are loners. That sort of thing looks cool. So wherever I went, I went alone. During breaks, I would pick a coffee from the vending machine and walk around pretending to be cool. Ha ha.

Reporter Jeong: Where you the type who received a lot of confessions?

Takuya: I think I received the most confessions in middle school.

Reporter Jeong: While you were working in the entertainment industry, people didn’t ask you out?

Takuya: Not at all. None at all while I was working. When you go to music programmes, you run into other idols in the hallways, but that’s it. No matter what programme you appear on, you can get close to male idols, but you’re careful even when starting conversations with female idols.

Reporter Kwon: Who are you close to among male idols from other groups?

Takuya: Currently, B.I.G’s Benji. We used the same waiting room, but we’re the the same age so we became close.

< We must try Tongin market’s specialty, oil tteokbokki >

Reporter Jeong: Have you ever dated a Korean woman?

Takuya: Not yet. I think I’ll lose if we dated. Korean women have a strong image. I think she will be more decisive and better at expressing herself (compared to Japanese women). Not to the extent of my life, but if we fought I think I would lose. Not that I don’t mind.

Reporter Kwon: Then what kind of women do you like?

Takuya: A person who’s cheerful when we’re together. A woman who smiles well and receives well. It’s good if she as a lot of aegyo, but I think that if she has too much aegyo it would be burdensome. In terms of appearance, I like a woman who has a ‘duck lips’ feel.

Reporter Jeong: To give an example among celebrities.

Takuya: Ha Yeon Soo. When I was a special cast in ‘Conte and the City’, I met her and thought she was cute. Or someone with an air like actress Bae Doona is good. When I was in Japan before my debut, I got to know about Bae Doona through the music video of a certain singer, and she has a unique charm.

Reporter Kwon: But Ha Yeon Soo and Bae Doona have very different feels.

Takuya: Appearance is not that important. I’m also not particularly concerned about age. Nowadays there are a lot of people who look young even though they are older. Even if she’s a little old, I think it’s okay if she’s up to 10 years older. {t/n: Not quite sure about this sentence} Younger women also have certain charms that only younger women have. 

< Put in a delicious looking egg roll >

Reporter Kwon: Many kids these days date publicly. Do you also plan to have a public relationship when you get a girlfriend?

Takuya: I’ll follow my girlfriend’s opinion. When you’re dating a celebrity, if you’re both okay with it, you can go public, but If the other person says no then you shouldn’t.

Reporter Jeong: It seems that you’re interested in dating a celebrity.

Takuya: That sounds like a good idea. But there’s no opportunity. Ha ha.

Reporter Jeong: You’ve met many people in your career, and among them I think you’ve probably met your ideal type.

Takuya: Eung. I’ve met someone close to my ideal type, but I didn’t ask her out. {t’n: I wonder who it is??}  I couldn’t (ask her out) first. I wasn’t aggressive because I thought I would get hurt if I got rejected.

Reporter Kwon: Is wasn’t because there was a dating ban at the company?

Takuya: (Looking at the person from the agency) Was there one? I there was (laughs). Right now, I’m just trying to do the ‘work’ in front of me. Maybe someday I’ll start dating, when I have some time to relax or when I have the opportunity. 

< Visual that shines even at this point in the market, right? >

Reporter Kwon: Oh I see. Before promoting with Cross Gene, you were active in Japan. Have you had the opportunity to come to Korea?

Takuya: When I was in Japan I disliked my personality. I was active as a model and actor in Japan, but I don’t think it helped me to grow. At that time, I got a casting from the company saying, ‘will you audition for an idol project in Korea’. Korea was a foreign country to me. I came with the intentions ‘I want to go overseas and change myself’ and ‘I want to break myself’.

Reporter Jeong: Of course, you can speak Korean well now, but language must have been hard for you at first.

Takuya: It was hard. I started learning Korean after I came to Korea. At first, even during vocal and dance lessons, I did it with interpreters. So, I learned more slowly than my members, and because of that I got very stressed. I missed my mom.

Reporter Kwon: How about now?

Takuya: Now I’m more comfortable speaking Korean. Instead I feel uncomfortable when I go to Japan now. I also forgot a lot of Japanese. Shin hyung speaks Japanese very well. When I ask hyung ‘what is this word in Japanese?’ in Korean, hyung will teach me. Ha ha.

< Ta da~ These brass coins have been changed into a delicious lunch box. >

Reporter Kwon: Recently you went to New Zealand to film ‘where is my friend’s home?’ You looked so free and comfortable in the broadcast.

Takuya: It’s because I’m close to the hyungs I went with. And the filming style was comfortable. I went there last November and it was really good. There were 4 seasons in a day in New Zealand, and the weather differed in each region. At first, when I went to the beach, it was like summer. When I went to a different place, it was cold enough for snow to be piled up. It was amazing that I could feel 4 seasons in one country. I had many new experiences, such as seeing a glacier and bungee jumping.

Reporter Jeong: Were you not scared when you were bungee jumping?

Takuya: I’m originally fearless. I tried skydiving in the Australia, but was not scared. On the contrary, bungee jumping is scarier than skydiving because I had to go down on my own.

Reporter Kwon: Do you originally like leports {t/n: Korean abbreviation for leisure + sports}?

Takuya: Eung. I like it. My hobbies include playing sports like baseball and basketball. I enjoy playing basketball or riding a bike with my friends by Han River.

Reporter Jeong: Won’t many people recognize you when you go to Han River?

Takuya: So what if they recognize me. We do it together. We’ve played basketball together.

Reporter Jeong: Do you have a position in baseball?

Takuya: I’ve played in games together with a social baseball team. I was mainly an outfielder in the team, but I’ve also played infield and this and that. I can play a bit of baseball. In middle school, I was captain of the baseball team. I’m the ace of my social baseball team.

< A lunch box with my favourite side dishes, shall I try it now? >

Reporter Jeong: Have you been to anywhere other than Han River? I don’t think you take the subway.

Takuya: No. I take the bus and the subway. I also have a T-money card~. I frequently take {t/n: I think he’s referring to the bus and the subway} but I don’t recognise much. In the past, after practice ends at dawn, I would go shopping at Dongdaemun with my members. Recently, I went to Dongdaemun with Shin hyung, and it’s changed a lot. These days, the practice room is located at Shinsa, so I mainly go to Garosu-gil or Rodeo Drive.

Reporter Kwon: Then if I go to Garosu-gil I will be able to meet Takuya?

Takuya: Eung. Sometimes fans recognize me.

Reporter Jeong: If many people recognize you, you won’t be able to go to the amusement park.

Takuya: These days, I still go. On my day off, it’s a bit so I just go anywhere. {t/n: I’m not quite sure how to translate this sentence…} I’ve been to the amusement park at Jamsil with Seyoung hyung before. We had fun, but there were many couples. Hyung and I were thinking ‘what are we doing’. Later, when I get a girlfriend, I want to go to the amusement park too.

Reporter Kwon: What is your favourite ride?

Takuya: Firstly, when I go, I’m the type who goes all the rides. I like all of them, especially the roller coaster. If I go with my girlfriend I should ride the Ferris wheel.

< Here~ A bite of drug gimbap? >

Reporter Jeong: During last year’s ‘guy friend’ interview when I met Jae Joon, I talked about you. The two of you played a strange relationship in the drama ‘The Lover’. Do you still keep in touch?

Takuya: Seeing as I’m in the middle of promoting our new song and hyung is filming a drama, we have not been able to meet recently. We talk on the phone from time to time. If the time is right, I want to eat with him. Ah, Jae Joon hyung is a good drinker.

Reporter Jeong: How about you. Are you a good drinker?

Takuya: I’m not the type who drinks well. One and a half bottles of soju is my limit. I’ve tried beer, soju, fruit liquor and makgeolli, but I like beer the most. Draft beer is so delicious after taking a shower.

Reporter Kwon: Are there any snacks served with alcoholic beverages that you particularly like?

Takuya: I like soup. Like fish cake soup, spicy seafood stew and spicy fish stew.

< The pre-game lunch box tastes great!~ > {t/n: Not too sure about the “pre-game lunch box”} 

Reporter Kwon: They’re all snacks served with soju. (Laughs) Speaking of drama… Acting is different from singing. Which point is appealing?

Takuya: Acting is fun because I can find a new side of myself. It’s nice to see a different me. It’s interesting to see myself on the screen. I’m still lacking in many ways, but I want to keep acting.

Reporter Kwon: You’ve been a model, singer, actor and now an MC. Are there and new things you want to try? Entertainment?

Takuya: I like sports, so I think it would be fun to do an entertainment programme that uses physical skills like ‘Cool Kiz on the Block’. Talk is good, but I’m not good at speaking, so I think a programme that uses physical skills would be a better fit.

Reporter Kwon: How about a reality programme showing your accommodations to the public?

Takuya: That sounds good. Although our team seems to have a sense for entertainment, it’s not right for television standards (laughs).

Reporter Kwon. Who is the most amusing member?

Takuya: Yongseok, the youngest, can talk well and has many talents, so I think he’ll do well as an MC. Sangmin is in charge of laughter. Kind of stupid (joking). Casper hyung can do many things. It will be interesting if everyone goes on the entertainment show together.

Reporter Jeong: How are the rooms split among the members?

Takuya: Two, two, one. I’m roommates with Sangmin, and two guys use a double bed. It’s more inconvenient than sleeping alone, but I’m used to it now. Like in ‘The Lover’, that’s how I actually live. At 5am today, Sangmin must have woken up slightly. After going out for a while and coming back, {t/n: I think he’s referring to Sangmin} thought it was a pillow and fell asleep with my arm. The scene from ‘The Lover’ happened in reality. However, unlike the drama, I pushed Sangmin away (laughs).

< A market date while busy preparing for the holidays, was a little bit cold but enjoyable. >

Reporter Jeong: It’s oddly sweet. Do you watch ‘The Lover’ and other works with your members?

Takuya: We don’t watch dramas together, but we do read each other’s scripts. Shin hyung even gives me advice because he acts. When Shin hyung needs to speak Japanese lines, I let him know. We help each other.

Reporter Kwon: Is there any particular role you want to play?

Takuya: I want to play a chic and cool role. I like actor Lee Soo Hyuk, and I would like to do a photoshoot together. It will be my honour to work with him. I think he’s a really cool person. He has a good aura and atmosphere.

Reporter Kwon: I’m looking forward to it. I think there will be a really cool photo if the two of you meet.

Reporter Jeong: Time has passed as we were talking. We have to go our separate ways… It’s sad.

Takuya: See you again. I’ll be back again after I’m dating (laughs). Let’s have a deeper conversation then. Bye~

< *Singer and actor Terada Takuya

Age_18 March 1992 25 years old Japanese origin

Works_Album 2016.1.21 Cross Gene’s third single ‘Game’ release

Programmes Summoners War: Conquerors (2016), Where is my Friends Home? (2015), Abnormal Summit (2014)

Drama The Lovers (2015) > Reporter Kwon Bo Ra Reporter Jeong Hui Yeon

Photos| Reporter Guk Kyeong Won



Translated by X @blueillusions 

Legend: Words in brackets {like this} are the translator’s comments, not part of the article. Words in brackets < like this > are photo captions. 


The group made their debut in Korea on June 11th, 2012, and in Japan on March 13th, 2013.



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Presh Gene
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