MelOn (Korea)

2018 Update*: You MUST have an old version (4.3.0 or BEFORE) of MelOn on your iOS device. Also please turn off auto updates, otherwise your app will update and you will be unable to purchase a MelOn pass! If you need help buying a pass, please direct message @CROSSGENE_ASIA on Twitter.

This guide currently works for people with Apple devices and an iTunes account only. You can still stream on PC and Android, you just need an Apple device with melon app to purchase credit. You can ask a trusted friend to login with their Apple device to purchase a voucher for you if you yourself do not have one.

Part One – Getting the MelOn app on your iphone/ipad/ipod or android device.

Android Devices:

Android users can download the MelOn APK here.

Apple Devices:

This will only work if you have no current credit on your istore account. If you do have credits, please use our Japanese iTunes account instructions to create a Korean account. Either way, you will need to provide a Korean Post Code at sign up.

1: Go to your apple ID and change your country to Korea. You will need to confirm your account and provide a Korean Post Code in the account.

2: Search for the MelOn app in the app store and download.


Part Two – Creating a MelOn account

01 – Click on the ‘Create An Account’ link.


Mobile View:

Click the bars on the top right, then click the login button as shown below.


Then click the login with Kakaotalk option (this is the only way ifans can sign up). Create a new Kakaotalk if you don’t have one already, otherwise sign up with your Kakaotalk information.



Then agree to the terms of service and enter your e-mail address.


Check your e-mail (including spam folders) for a confirmation code by Kakaotalk. Once you enter the code correctly and fill out your personal information, you should see this:


Then agree to MelOn’s terms of service. Check all the boxes and click done.


Click enter. You should have a MelOn account now!




Part 3 – Buying Streaming Vouchers


Now to purchase a pass, click the ticket icon on the homescreen of the app. Passes can only be purchased on iOS devices (however streaming works both on iOS and Android services as well as on PC–but you need a pass first before you can do that), so if you cannot buy a pass, message @CROSSGENE_ASIA and we can purchase a pass for you. You can pay us via Paypal (we will give your that information in the private message). Or if you have a family member or friend that has an iOS device you can use, feel free to ask them to purchase the pass for you.


You will be presented with these options. It’s suggested to pick the second option, as iSmart downloads do not count as downloads on the chart (plus they are removed from your phone once your MelOn subscription ends). The MP3 downloads are for yours to keep even after you subscription ends, and they allow for you to support Cross Gene by downloading all their songs which count toward music shows’ criteria for digital sales.


Part 4 – Streaming and Downloading Songs

You can stream songs on PC or on mobile (iOS or Android), both options work. For PC streaming, you can download MelOn here.



For mobile, login to your MelOn account via Kakaotalk and search for Cross Gene. Select the current Cross Gene album Cross Gene has comeback with (and give it a heart!), then click on the title song followed by the play button below.


7 – Set it up to repeat the album for your continued enjoyment and you are done.


If you have any questions please ask. Just contact Summer on here or Twitter .

All images courtesy of androimeda.


The group made their debut in Korea on June 11th, 2012, and in Japan on March 13th, 2013.



Miracle Gene
Husky Vocal


Presh Gene
Nice Leader


Organic Gene
Deep Tone Rap


MyPace Gene
Sexy Pop Vocal