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161023 CrossGene.Asia Newsletter / Update #11

Cross GeneNewsletter

On behalf of CrossGene.Asia, we would like to express our profound gratitude to those who made Shin’s birthday special [Summer: Nothing less for a perfect human being.]

As you can see below, your letters sent through @perfectgene have been safely delivered! We are honestly amazed by the efforts you CandYs have put in!  You can check Shin’s tweets in their Korean and Japanese accounts and see the letters tied with a yellow bow just in front of him!

Given what CandYs can do, other fansites have expressed plans for the other members’ birthdays next year!

For Casper:

For Takuya:

For Yongseok:

There is also one for Lee Seyoung [X: The whereabouts of the said tweet is still unknown, please bear with us. | Purple: I’m on it, Sir. | Zen: Atta, Major Purple.] Yep, found!

We are still waiting for Minnie fansites to release birthday plans for him but we still have night months to prepare for that.

More exciting news for you thirsty ladies. Cross Gene has performed in Busan One Asia Festival. They had a small, private concert for their fans and you can see some media coverage here:

Please don’t forget to leave comments in these articles because it can also help boost their popularity. Once Korean media become aware that there are fans out there clamoring for more Cross Gene news, they are going to start paying more attention. #DoitforCrossGene

Also, fansites have started uploading Cross Gene goodies in Twitter and their official websites [X: Some of Takuya’s are here.] so you can expect more updates in CGfA as well.

We are also pretty sure that you didn’t miss their official Twitter updates for BOF!

For those who are clamoring to get a chance to meet our boys and have them in one small bus, then you just need to #DoitforCrossGene .

Takuya is doing well in Japan it seems and the people in Black Butler Noah’s Arc seem to dote on him. Look at these updates!
[Takuya] 161020 Twitter Update @chanjin0116
[TAKUYA] 161022 Twitter Update co @takuminari
[TAKUYA] 161022 Twitter Update @takuminari
[TAKUYA] 161023 Instagram Update @ ryosuke.miura216
[TAKUYA] 161023 Twitter Update ~ @WASHIDASU
[TAKUYA] 161023 Twitter Update ~ @takuminari
[TAKUYA] 161023 Twitter Update ~ @WASHIDASU

Our SNS king, Casper is not far behind in the updates, though.

[CASPER] 161020 Instagram Update co ~ @ surf2flow
[CASPER] 161022 Instagram Update co @ woon.shin.54

Sangmin on the other hand has a number of updates in Instagram, and you might want to check them out and leave comments ^_^ He has a knack for selfies [X: and lipglosses | Zen: Chiseled face… ] Her sister has posted some Sangmin-loving photo in Instagram!

Our dear Seyoungie slayed our hearts once again with this cuuuuute photo of him for Daum Cafe update!

[SEYOUNG] 161017 Official Twitter Update

If you haven’t been slayed enough by Yongseokkie holding a melon and an eggplant, don’t worry, he’s got it covered for you.

We started the updates with Shin and we’re going to end it with Shin! Here are some snaps of him reading scripts with Jun Ji Hyun, Lee Min Ho and the rest of the cast of Legend of the Blue Seas. 

He also has another shot / Twitter update this time with Yongseok who is obviously happy for their leader.

and Takuya, despite his busy schedule, managed to squeeze in a little birthday greeting for Shin on his egg. [Zen: Why does that sound a little…| Purple: X language. |Summer: Am I reading what I am reading? | Chibi: Let’s talk, eXie.]

Thank you once again for celebrating #PerfectShinDay with us! Tune in for more updates!


161016 CrossGene.Asia Newsletter / Update #10

CasperCross GeneNewsletterSangminSeyoungShinTakuyaYongseok

We have a lot of updates for everyone today. First question though, what’s with Cross Gene and food? ^_^ All we know is, our favorite boys are indeed listening to us and reading our sweet letters. Those who have been so worried about their health and whether they eat enough or get enough rest, ought to be so satisfied after seeing numerous updates from our boys!

KING of INSTAGRAM, Casper, has the most number of updates this week. It seems that he is quite serious in keeping the title and he’s taking good care of himself as well. Look at that much food he eats ^_^ and how often he goes out with his friends.

[CASPER] 161012 Instagram Update
[CASPER] 161014 Instagram Update @ 1989.0704
[CASPER] 161013 Instagram Update @ 1989.0704
[CASPER] 161014 Official Instagram Update
[CASPER] 161014 Instagram Update @ news4u_eh
[CASPER] 161014 Instagram Update
[CASPER] 161014 Instagram Update @ 1989.0704
[CASPER] 161015 Official Instagram Update
[CASPER] 161016 Instagram Update ~ @ 1989.0704

Takuya and Food. [Zen: Not the nostrils again, eXie | X: I know, Zen, I know.] He has been posting selcas of himself with food. Not to mention that *butt* exercise Cross Gene has just posted for us. By the way, the butt, erm, Takuya needs help, CandYs need help in pushing our dear Gorgeous Gene to the top! Here’s Kville’s Poll again, and we managed to put him at #3 but he deserves the highest spot. Here are the Takuya-related posts we have!


[TAKUYA] 161010 Twitter Update @kazuki_ishiga
[Takuya] 161012 Official Twitter Update
[TAKUYA] 161012 Twitter Update @haruhana_tvg
[TAKUYA] 161012 Twitter Update co @chanjin0116
[Takuya] 161014 Official Twitter Update
[TAKUYA] 161013 Instagram Update @ mando_press

[SEYOUNG|SANGMIN] 161014 Twitter Update @ Haru Hana

Seyoung and Sangmin are having the time of their lives and are preparing for SuperHandsome Live  2016 and they even guested in Shin’s Yoru no Chuusday. Haru Hana always updates their Twitter account featuring our boys so be generous with those LIKES!

Just to let everyone know, as Sangmin hasn’t made his Instagram public, we aren’t going to post any of his updates here in CGFA. Let’s respect the privacy of our Organic Gene.

As for your Yongseok, here he is with his melon and eggplant. [X: The naughty image in your head is brought to you by… | Purple: *whispers* Yongseok]


We have a full post for Shin right here:
161011 Shin-kun no Yoru no Chuusday [Full Post]

We would like to thank all those who sent their lovely letters for Shin-kun’s birthday. Here’s a snapshot from @perfectgene . You can also send your birthday messages through his FM YOKOHAMA blog and email address. ^_^


For those who are looking for another forum where you can express your love for Cross Gene, here are some threads ^_^
Shin Appreciation Thread: http://www.spillthedeets.com/threads/official-shin-wonhos-perfection-appreciation-society.4255/
Takuya Appreciation Thread: http://www.spillthedeets.com/threads/cross-gene-takuya-appreciation-thread-that-gorgeous-mole-gene.8978/
Yongseok Appreciation Thread: http://www.spillthedeets.com/threads/official-divalicious-maknae-kim-yongseok-appreciation-club.4407
Seyoung Appreciation Thread: http://www.spillthedeets.com/threads/vocal-god-lee-se-youngs-appreciation-thread.8814/
Cross Gene Thread: http://www.spillthedeets.com/threads/official-cross-gene-candy%E2%98%86planet.853/

As you can see, we need stans for Sangmin and Casper thread ^_^ Please feel free to own an account and start the thread and notify us! I’m pretty sure you’ll find us lurking. Thank you so much for your continuous support.


161009 CrossGene.Asia Newsleter/ Update #9

CasperCross GeneNewsletterSangminSeyoungShinTakuyaYongseok

We have a number of updates as always this week ^_^ and I’m quite glad we’re on schedule [Zen: way to go Exie]!

Cross Gene members have individual activities but the boys themselves still promote their BOF activities. Have you had a look at the cute videos of our two tallest members in the group:
[TAKUYA] 161007 Official Twitter Update
[SHIN] 161007 Official Twitter Update

As always, Casper is our SNS king with a number of updates in his sleeves this week and he hasn’t even updated his personal Instagram account.  Some of them are as follows:
[CASPER] 161009 Instagram Update @ 1989.0704
[CASPER] 161007 Instagram Update @ blacksong_xo_ceo
[CASPER] 161007 Instagram Update @ news4u-eh
[CASPER] 161007 Instagram Update ~ @ 1989.0704
[CASPER] 161007 Instagram Update @ 1989.0704

You can also see a number of preview of his activities in Taiwan from our favorite fansites. Also, if it doesn’t take so much of your time, you can also visit this site:

We are still waiting for our translators to tell us what the interview is all about but just wait patiently ^_^ Btw, this is a good opportunity :

Takuya has been gracing our Twitter TLINE with his nostrils -er his gorgeousness. He is preparing for his musical feature in Black Butler: Noah’s Arc and will be staying alone in Japan for awhile [X: by alone means away from the boys and we feel he’s particularly lonely T^T]  so please do cheer him up by sending him lovely messages in Twitter. You can check his last posts here and here.

Yongseok as it turns out is going to have another musical soon! It is amazing when the boys get recognized for what they do best.

We know that many of you are excited and willing to share Sangmin’s photos in Instagram. However, he has kept it private for a good reason. Please respect his privacy by not sharing his photos ^_^ but you can definitely request him to approve your follow request in Instagram.  Isn’t that more satisfying?

You can also leave comments for Sangmin and Seyoung too in Shin-kun’s FM YOKOHAMA blog ^_^ They were featured here: http://blog.fmyokohama.jp/ekradio/2016/10/post-d497.html

Thanks CG Malaysia for providing us the translations!

Or you can also leave comments her:


We also want to wish the members of our Forum many happy returns!

For those who want to wish our dear Leader a happy birthday, you can SEND so:

Doesn’t he look dashing in here:

[Summer: SHIN IS PERFECT! | X: Yes, we heard you XD]

Also for those who want to support Cross Gene even further, you can vote for Sangmin and Yongseok here: http://auditionzine.com/season-2

Guys! It won’t hurt to participate in fan-made posts like this one:

Or better yet, make your own bias list and introduce Cross Gene here:

Please remember to always #DoitforCROSSGENE and love them.



160926 CrossGene.Asia Newsletter/Update #7

CasperCross GeneNewsletterSangminSeyoungShinTakuyaYongseok

We have a number of Cross Gene updates for everyone so chill and enjoy looking at this spider.

If someone managed to figure why of all the photos, Cross Gene decided to post this one, please let us know and save our souls [X: and Summer’s sanity. | Summer: I love Cross Gene. ‘Til SPIDERS do we part!!!]

Once again, Cross Gene Malaysia has an awesome summary of Shin’s FM YOKOHAMA program! Please do check this tweet out to know what happened to our dearest leader!

We also have other Shin Updates here:
[SHIN] 160922 YouPaper Music Twitter
[SHIN|SEYOUNG] 160921 Cross Cafe , Haru Hana vol 37

Casper had a number of updates in his sleeves owing to the release of his movie! Did you see fancam videos in Facebook? What about Instagram updates? Some of them are right here:

[CASPER] 160921 Instagram Update ~ haochichiu
[CASPER] 160921 Instagram Update @ kuakua_official
[CASPER] 160922 Official Twitter Update
[CASPER] 160923 Official Twitter Update
[CASPER] 160923 Official Twitter Update ~ Battle of Hip Hopera Premier
[CASPER] 160923 Official Twitter Update ~ Thank you Japanese Fans!
[CASPER] 160923 Official Instagram Update
Youtube Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DsBeEh5XAFY&feature=youtu.be
AppleWeb: http://appweb.cna.com.tw/webm/menu/amov/201609210438.aspx
AppleDaily: http://m.appledaily.com.tw/realtimenews/article/new/20160922/954076/
ChinaTimes: http://www.chinatimes.com/realtimenews/20160922006939-260404
NowNews : http://www.nownews.com/p/2016/09/20/2245200

Speaking of Casper, he has an adorable video in Cross Gene’s official Youtube account. You can’t miss it! We’re pretty sure you got the notification, too but just in case, you can always go to this post right here and you’ll be directed to that “I love you” video. It seems that the members of Cross Gene are doing everything to play with our heart strings.

Hardcore CandYs have noticed Instagram activities from our favorite Hat Boy Sangmin. If you’re one of the luck CandYs he has approved to follow him, you’ll know what we’re talking about [X: Thanks Zen and Purple for this one!]

For thirsty CandYs, Shooting Star Sub has a wonderful gift for you.

Please continue support and doing it for Cross Gene everyone. ‘Til next update.


160919 CrossGene.Asia Newsletter/Update #6

Cross GeneNewsletterSNS

Cross Gene has released a promotional video for BOF! Check our post right here: 160913 BOF Fanmeeting Promotional Video

It doesn’t end right there! Can you see how adorable they are in this video?:

Also if you haven’t managed to check it out, they have given us a special Chuseok message (Moon Festival Message):

Shin-kun has given us another set of adorable pictures.

For those who are looking for the summary of his radio program, you can check this great post from Cross Gene Malaysia:

Use your time well and do leave encouraging comments for Shin. You know how much he loves them.

Casper has another series of Instagram updates. Find them here:
[CASPER] 160913 Instagram Update ~ @ shen2036

[CASPER] 160913 Instagram Update ~ @ haochichiu

[CASPER] 160913 Official Instagram Update

You can also abuse the replay button of this one:

It seems that our favorite baby ghost has a new hairstyle and he’s rocking it.

Catch him and the cast of Battle of Hip Hopera in Taiwan through their Facebook account updates.

This one is from ETtoday News. This on the other hand is from China Times. ^_^ Our Wild Chic is getting more popular, isn’t he?

Please remember to leave comments in any of his articles.

Meanwhile, those who have been following Yongseok‘s Noona, our Unnie posted a series of adorable videos of them both in Instagram:

Here is a little Yongseok action from Cross Gene’s Official Instagram: [YONGSEOK] 160912 Official Instagram Update

Takuya has left a message in Cross Gene’s Official Korean Website and he says he has survived the earthquake so don’t worry for him! Do get a copy of YouPaper vol. 81 where he is featured!

Also, please watch out for more activities from our favorite Gorgeous Gene. On November 22-23 you will find him in Tokyo Dome City Hall with the cast of Black Butler for their performance of Noah’s Ark! Don’t forget to give him your support and coordinate with our Japanese fans [X: Calling Master Gene, ahem.] to know how.

Unfortunately we don’t have individual updates for Seyoungie and Sangminnie this week aside from the group videos. T^T We look forward to their updates, keep your fingers crossed!

Meanwhile, please show your support for Cross Gene through Kville’s Poll: http://www.kvilleentertainment.net/poll.php?id=9520305

Remember to always #DoitForCrossGene everyone.



160821 CROSSGENE.ASIA Newsletter/Update #2

Cross GeneNewsletter

Here’s another round of CrossGene.Asia’s Newsletter/Update.

Just when we thought that Cross Gene was having a vacation before their next comeback latter part this year, they proved us wrong–yet again.

The much awaited announcement for Sangmin’s birthday celebration has been announced! Finally! Bet many Sangmin fans are on the edge of their seats waiting for more details about it.

and here’s a translation from XGENE Nation:

You can also check other details regarding Sangmin’s Min Min Summer Vacation here: https://a.amob.jp/mob/pageShw.php?site=A&cd=sangmin_minmin

Please be reminded that our dear Master Gene is still waiting for your lovely letters. Kindly contact her through @rabbit_1903 in Twitter.

Shin is featured in Happy Marriage! Yes, you read it right. And it seems that his acting career is on a roll. He is also going to act side by side Lee Min Ho and Jun Ji Hyun in the new drama The Legend of the Blue Sea. Find out more about Shin’s new drama here:  http://asianwiki.com/The_Legend_of_the_Blue_Sea

Also, he has thanked CandYs for the lovely support and messages in his FM Yokohama blog! Well done CandYs! We do hope for your consistent performance because we don’t need any other reason to love Shin, do we? ^-^

And YOUPAPER! https://twitter.com/CROSS_GENE/status/766150397043970049

Casper announced in his official Instagram account that they are preparing something special for Sept 1st! That is something to look forward to aside from the beginning of classes! 😂 https://www.instagram.com/casper2xs/

If you haven’t seen Yongseok’s update with his nephew on his shoulders, then you have missed how adorable he looked.

. #조카 있는 #삼촌

A post shared by Kim Yoon Hee (@goldkimyh) on

You can also find Seokkie lurking in Lee Jae Hun’s Instagram:


Takuya is adorable as always in this OGN video:

You hardly need to be reminded that he is gorgeous, don’t you? It’s all what they say, but let’s go beyond that and dig deeper because the Takuya we know here in Cross Gene Asia is the member who constant promotes his group whichever program he gets to attend. So when you say, you love Takuya, love Cross Gene too.

We don’t have news about Seyoung-shi, but we are quite sure that CandYs won’t mind looking at his videos in Youtube, Daum and Official JP site.

We know that most of us are already excited for their Korean comeback but we can do loads of things while waiting for them.

  • First, be involved in promoting Cross Gene’s Ying Yang in your local radio stations. The more of you tweeting the stations the better!
  • Second, you can still watch their music videos and help increase view count! Wouldn’t that be better than just saying ‘Stan Cross Gene’?
  • Third, ask more CandYs to join us! You can go to http://crossgene.boards.net/ and check out our active members who will do anything for CG.
  • Fourth, communicate with your local Fanbase and ask them what plans hey have in promoting Cross Gene and HELP.
  • Fifth, register in their official sites, including DAUM! http://cafe.daum.net/officialgene

Stay vigilant everyone.


X and Zen


“CROSS GENE” is a group consisting of 5 members from Korea and Japan. Each member has their own catchphrase which is symbolised by their gene.

Their style is a mix of 3 different cultures; it is not K-POP or J-POP. From Asia to the world, a new “Global Sound” is born.

The group made their debut in Korea on June 11th, 2012, and in Japan on March 13th, 2013.



Miracle Gene
Husky Vocal


Presh Gene
Nice Leader


Gorgeous Gene
Gorgeous Vocal


Organic Gene
Deep Tone Rap


MyPace Gene
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