Cross Gene CD Give Away



Hi CandY!

Back with another give away! This time there is little requirement, you just need to comment on this post to have a chance.

We’ll give away to random comments:

1st: Full Set of Ying Yang signed by Cross Gene (1 winner)

2nd: A copy of either Ying Yang A or B type. (10 winners total)

3rd: A randomly selected copy of Love & Peace individual member version. (12 winners total)

Please leave your love for Ying Yang here in the comments and we’ll put you in the draw. You have until Parallel World in Japan – July 30th! Winners will be announced on August 1st.

All CandY are welcome to participate! We will send to any country and accept comments in all languages.


Much thanks to the amazing admin of Genuis_CROSSGENE (Twitter) for collaborating with us again to bring this and future give aways on Cross Gene from Asia.

[Takuya] 160710 Instagram Update ~ @ pureandsexy
Cross Gene – Tegami (Lyric English Translation)
  • Soy una orgullosa CandY Española apoyandolos desde hace 7 meses.
    Nunca llegaría a pensar que Cross Gene sería parte de mi vida, porque la verdad nunca les hice mucho caso.
    Un día me salto un video suyo en youtube y me enamore de ellos perdidamente. Me encantan como son, sus canciones, sus Mvs y necesitan más popularidad.
    Al poco tiempo de descubrirlos, de casualidad, vi que la fanbase española de ellos (Cross Gene Spain) necesitaba staff para seguir manteniendola activa ya que las anteriores chicas que la llevaban, pues se habían ido, dejando sola a la fundadora.

    Desde ese día, hemos subido de 636 seguidores a 846 seguidores en facebook y me siento orgullosa de que poco a poco Cross Gene sea conocido por todos lados y reconocidos porque se lo merecen.
    Ying Yang para mi significa el cambio de ciclo de ser irrelevantes a ser conocidos y reconocidos por los fans del Kpop.

    Gracias por esta oportunidad!!!!

  • Hi, thanks for the opportunity to participate, this is an awesome giveaway. I’m pretty new to Cross Gene myself, I only heard about them a few months ago when someone suggested ‘Na Hago Nolja’ but I am already so addicted. Yongseok’s voice, the hat and red hair in that song just grabbed my attention so quick and made me want to know more (that scene is soo well shot). I was super impressed and they very quickly made it onto my rather short list of groups whose members I know the names of 🙂

    Thank you very much for this opportunity!
    CROSS GENE is the first group that has ever made me want to become a fan. They are so great! I love that each member has a unique trait and charm that makes you instantly fall in love with them. They’re so talented and it’s very touching how they reach out to the fans through the music. I love their album Ying Yang!
    Thank you again!

  • Kyaaa >\\\< I would have never expected cross gene's album giveaway!!! To me cross gene is the best group. All the members are talented and funny with all the members can possibly be passed as visuals for the group! Cross gene is unique!:) I am very excited with their Japanese comeback with the release of Ying Yang. A very unique song indeed! cross gene never fail to exceed my expectations of them. They always come up with something fresh^^ each member has their own uniqueness. I managed to find out about cross gene from Takuya who is also my ultimate bias!!❤️ I hope cross gene will gain more popularity in future as they are absolutely a hidden gem in Kpop thank you for the opportunity to have their CD through this giveaway! Hoping for the best I can get one of their album

  • Cross Gene was the first group that I stanned and came to love when I got into kpop. There was something about those boys that drew me to them and their music made me feel emotions I’d never experienced so strongly before. I love all of their music, but their Japanese songs and versions of songs have a special place in my heart. Ying Yang was an album I was really excited for. I had no idea what to expect, but I knew whatever was coming would be amazing and would make CG capture my heart even more securely. When Ying Yang was first uploaded I remember exactly where I was when I listened to it first (In my business law class). The second I heard it, I was addicted. I played it for the next week straight without listening to anything else, it made me feel happy and alive and feel pride in the boys. Then the time came for the entire album to be released, and I didn’t know what to do with myself. I knew CG was incredibly talented and I knew how beautiful their music was, but Ying Yang took me by surprise and stole my breath away. There’s not a bad song on there in my opinion, and every song that made the tracklist has its own individual vibe. Ying Yang is a unique album because for me, it makes me feel like I’m being wrapped in a group hug by the boys. Cross Gene mean so much to me, and I’m so proud of them. I want the best for them, and I want them to feel happiness and know they’re loved.

  • Thanks for this opportunity!

    Cross Gene is legitimately the first boy group that I really got into. Although I’ve only known about them since early last year, I’ve really become a big fan of them. I wish I had known them since debut, but I’m so happy I’ve gotten to know them in the past year and a half and am looking forward to everything they do in the future!

  • I am Singapore CandY! 😀 Really miss them so much since they last came here(And is just more than 1 month). TT.TT I love all members(Bias is Yongseok and Takuya)~! *heart heart* Cross Gene is really AMAZING!!! Thanks for having this giveaway. Love Cross Gene! *Lots of hearts*

  • I am a Singaporean Cross Gene fan that has been supporting Cross Gene since I first watched Takuya on Non Summit. I have also subbed many short clips of Takuya in Non Summit/The Lover on my youtube channel crossgenie takuya for Cross Gene fans. Ying Yang is a really great album and Cross Gene really deserves all the love that they have.Thanks for holding this giveaway and I hope Cross Gene gain more fans through this Japanese album. I have this album on replay since the song was released and I wish I could be the lucky winner.

  • Than you for CGfA and GeniusCG for arranging this give away. #2016YearOfCrossGene . YING YANG is THE bop and it’s album should be treated as blessing tbh. I hope more people could enjoy it…

  • Wow , this such a great giveaway ! Thank you so much for the chance to participate. I hope I’ll be one of the lucky winners. Good luck to everyone and thanks again for this.
    As a new CandY I can’t thank you enough for setting up this site. It’s so complete and so organised. For about a month all I did was watch their videos, look at all their photos and learn all the cross gene songs by heart.
    I’m so happy that Cross Gene released a full length album ! I love all the songs on Ying Yang but my favourites are Love Game, shi-tai, Ying Yang and Amazing (with a different arrangement but still amazing !!) . I love Cross Gene and wish them more success in the future. I also hope and pray that they can do a full live concert tour soon. More power to Cross Gene ! Fighting !!

  • Thank you guys so much for being able to organise such a big giveaway! You guys always manage to bring us all the info and links for Cross Gene and I appreciate it so much! Thank you guys for working so hard, you guys are the best <3
    This album has been much anticipated, I was ridiculously happy when I heard the news of a full length album, even happier when I saw that the songs from WithU were going to be on the album as well! Finally able to enjoy high quality studio versions of all my favourites like Crazy and NoNoNo ;')
    Hoping for more people to recognise Cross Gene's talent through this album! I can't believe it's already been 4 years since they debuted! Time flies so fast

  • Thank you, Admin, for this great opportunity! ~
    Thank you for doing this for us, fellow fans :3 You do so much for Cross Gene, this is unbelievable! You’ve put your soul into this, so I hope that everything in your life will be as amazing as our boys.
    I heard that Admin Summer met them irl, I’m so happy for you~ You had a chance and you took it! I hope you had a nice trip tho, I know it wasn’t easy!
    Anyways thank you again for making this, for posting the full MV here and supporting Cross Gene as much as you can! Saranghae ~ ♥
    (‘also Summer, enjoy your mocha)

  • I leave a comment in spanish because i can explain all my love. ; ; ♥

    Primeramente, que buenos premios están sorteando, en serio fklgdfgfg. ♥

    Como segundo, pues ¿Qué puedo decir? Nunca creí que Cross Gene se volvería tan importante en mi vida, me puse a ver sus vídeos y puedo decir que en ese momento tuve una conexión muy fuerte con ellos, supe de inmediato que ellos son muy especiales, ¡Y no me equivoco! El ver como ellos aman tanto a sus fans, lo amable y dorks que suelen ser, mostrándose como son, esforzándose siempre, son cosas dignas de admirar y que me cautivaron por completo. Y por supuesto, el fandom ¡CandY! De lejos el mejor fandom que he conocido, es cierto que aún somos poquitas, pero a pesar de eso estamos demostrando unión y eso hace la fuerza, estamos demostrando que los chicos nos importan mucho. ♥

    DFkdfdf no sé que más decir, mucho amor en mi pecho, ah.
    Gracias por el giveaway. ♥

  • I must confess I was searching for a link for the new mv and I just discovered this site… I’m not happy only for the giveaway (which is amazing and a great opportunity for people like me who really want to buy the album but don’t have money… *sigh*), I’m happy because seeing more people talking about and supporting them really makes me smile.
    Ying Yang is an AMAZING album and I hope more people realize how talented and great these boys are, because they really deserve it!
    So… thank you for this giveaway, I hope I’m lucky enough to have the opportunity of being one of the winners 🙂

  • They did a great job for this comeback. Ying Yang is an amazing song and the whole album is pretty amazing too. Cross Gene never disappointed me in any of their songs, they’re all really great. I wish more people can give them a chance and that more ppl will love them! Fighting! <3

    Thank you for this amazing giveaway. I hope I can be one of the winner *_*

  • Wow, what an amazing opportunity, indeed! Thank you so much for this. <3

    It is no surprise that our boys had given us yet another wonderful song to listen to. Their albums never disappoint, and Ying Yang is no exception. It always amazes me how Cross Gene offers refreshing music everytime, not to mention their unique concepts as well. They always give us something to look forward to, and that is something i am very much thankful for as their fan. I will be forever wishing that more people would appreciate them and their music as much as i and the rest of their fans do, because they truly deserve all the love, all the support, and all the recognition. I have never been more proud to be called a CandY; their CandY. 🙂 CROSS GENE, FIGHTING! <3

  • Waaah! This is amazing! Thank you for doing this give away :3

    Cross Gene was the first k-pop group I heard and also was the first one I fall in love to >///< I really like their music a lot, it makes me feel happy and relaxed and makes me wanna dance haha. YING YANG album isnt far behind! They did an excellent work as always. I will support them endlessly <3 Im crossing my fingers in order to get a price!! I wish good luck to everyone!

  • Cross Gene is the first group that I stan… they are the reason why I enter this world and became a fangirl. Cross Gene give inspiration and love through their songs and actions XD. Ying Yang is such a great song (i love it!) . When I first heard the Ying Yang Album me- ” This is the music I want to listen everyday and this is the group that I wouldn’t live”. In this album Love Game is included Hahha Love Game is one of my favorite song. Thank you CROSS GENE for giving and for making such amazing and great songs. Fighting!!
    (sorry for my poor grammar) XD

  • Thank you for this opportunity. Your giveaways are always so generous! I feel like I should be giving something to you for your ongoing support for the boys! Thank you for your unwavering dedication to them and the fandom.
    Ying Yang is an album that I’ve been waiting for for a while now. I’ve been anticipating the day that Cross Gene would release a full length album, whether it was Korean or Japanese, I couldn’t care less. This album is amazing. Some of the songs have been my favourites since they were performed at With U, such as Stay by my Side and No No No, or when they were released on Shin’s radio show, such as Dreamer. To have studio versions of them makes me overjoyed. I intend to fully support Cross Gene in everything they do and aid others in becoming CandY. I hope that my reaction videos get them some much deserved attention and fans. I hope my simple words convey the depth of my love and admiration for Cross Gene and everything they do. They could not be more amazing to me if they tried.

  • Woow what an amazing giveaway! Thank you so much for it!!<3

    YingYang is such an amazing song its a song that the whole world need to listen to it and be blessed by it…

    Also letter… its a song that'll cheer you up, and make you both smile and cry… TT
    It's such a great song To listen to during hard times.

    Cross Gene really did their best in this album… all the songs are great just like always…
    they really never disappoint us our boys<3

  • Oh. My. Goodness. THANK U GUYS VERY VERY VERY MUCH FOR THIS T_T (Although I’m probably not gonna win but 23 ppl will, AND IT’S AWESOME ~^O^~)
    I haven’t been in this fandom for so long, but since my day one It felt like home…It’s weird but amazing actually. I hope we get to do huge things together to support the boys & appreciate their hard work (they work so hard it’s crazy I’m actually worried! Just the day after all that events in japan after YING YANG was released, they went back to Korea & Yongseok went on to his musical job like right away O_o Did he even rest at all…?)
    I believe in our lovely boys, and in us! CandY Fighting! ↖(^▽^)↗

  • Wow. I knew you are preparing giveaway, but I never expected it will be this big o.O You are amazing for doing so much for other CandYs.

    The song Ying Yang, I loved it since the first moment I heard it. Which is weird, ’cause usually I need to listen to a song a few times to somehow… “get it to my ears” to love it. Ying Yang i loved instantly.
    Also “Tegami” makes me cry everytime I hear it. It’s so sweet.
    I heavily anticipated Soba ni ite also, bc I love that song so much.

    I somehow feel that our boys are getting better and better with the things they are doing. Like, every album of theirs is better and better. Their first songs were… well, I’m not saying they are not nice, but I can feel with each of their albums that they are getting closer and closer to perfection (or did they already reach it? xD). Anyway, they are perfect and I love them so much T_T

  • For Cross Gene, Thank you for inspiring my life and CandY’s life with your music. I wish you guys success. I’m confident you will give your best just like what you’re doing since your debut. Please take care of your health! Love you all 🙂
    I will be thankful if I will be chosen. I’m a really huge fan of Cross Gene. God Bless to all the participants! Thank you so much for giving us such a special gift. God Bless and more power to Cross Gene and us!!!

  • As soon as I read about this I felt the immediate need to participate in the give away XD
    I’m so happy that there is such a wonderful give away happening ♥
    YING YANG is honestly one of the best albums I’ve listened to this year! All the songs are beautiful to the ear and I really do hope that more people listen to it. Listening to the album after a long day at work is also a very good relaxation method for me LOL
    Also hoping for the CandY fandom to grow rapidly~!
    I hope that I am one of the many winners of this give away, but nevertheless I congratulate all the winners for this giveaway in advanced ^^

  • This is such a generous give away. Thanks for making this happen. 🙂
    I love Cross Gene and their music. And I appreciate their love for us by giving us great music to enjoy and wacky little sketches for us to be entertained. I feel that they really understand and love their fans too so I know we should support them all the way. My love for these boys is deep. They gave me strength they didn’t know they had. And for that I’m forevermore grateful to them.
    Well…that wasn’t a novel. Hahaha. But thanks for giving me an opportunity to declare my love for the boys. Good luck with all your future endeavors. 🙂

  • Hi and thank you for a great opportunity to participate in the giveaway!~
    Ying Yang is the greatest gift for CandYs we could ever imagine. It contains all the beautiful songs we’d patiently waited for since 2013 тт Boys did such a great job and I hope they enjoyed recording it as much as we all are enjoying their sweet voices everyday.
    The title and the ending tracks deserve a poem. Dark and misterious Ying Yang totally differs from their usual love songs and has such a deep meaning. But light and soothing Tegami makes you feel safe – you can literally feel the love they were inspired with when composing the song.
    So far I haven’t seen a person who dislikes Ying Yang album after listening to it. As it’s said above, Ying Yang is a masterpiece. Congratulations to Cross Gene for creating something as perfect and unique.

  • Waaaa Am I the first one to comment here, lol?
    What a great prize you guys bring in *claps*
    I wish I could be one of the lucky winner, hehe.
    YING YANG is a great album… well, I think I could say it’s a masterpiece. I wish more people would listen to it, fall in love deeply with CROSS GENE & supporting them with all their heart.

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“CROSS GENE” is a group consisting of 5 members from Korea and Japan. Each member has their own catchphrase which is symbolised by their gene.

Their style is a mix of 3 different cultures; it is not K-POP or J-POP. From Asia to the world, a new “Global Sound” is born.

The group made their debut in Korea on June 11th, 2012, and in Japan on March 13th, 2013.



Miracle Gene
Husky Vocal


Presh Gene
Nice Leader


Gorgeous Gene
Gorgeous Vocal


Organic Gene
Deep Tone Rap


MyPace Gene
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