[SHIN] 180924 Cross Gene Leader Shin Wonho, “’Risky Romance’ is a work where I improved”


Cross Gene’s Shin Wonho, who is in his 8th year since debut and played as Choi Jaeseung in the MBC drama ‘Risky Romance’, said “In this work, I received a lot of help from my seniors.”

While the September Autumn wind is blowing, Topstar News had a moment to learn about Shin Wonho in a Hanbok interview at the interview room in Gangnam.


“I was an unexpected addition in the drama so I feel like I’m lacking but I received a lot of help from my seniors. During all the work, I followed them around patiently, asked questions, help, monitor and give feedback. I am grateful for my role, I had a fun filming,” Shin Wonho said regarding the end of ‘Risky Romance’.

He was especially grateful to Jeon No Min who he was with in the drama. When we asked the reason, he said, “I filmed my acting debut in ‘Bachelor’s Vegetable Store’ with Jeon No Min. I met him 6, 7 years ago but he still remembers me.”

Shin Wonho started his career in the entertainment industry in 2011 as a model for a clothing brand. Since then, he appeared in TV dramas such as Channel A’s  ‘Bachelor’s Vegetable Store’ and KBS2’s ‘Big’. He then joined the Cross Gene in 2012 as a vocalist of the team.

Shin Wonho did not only make his name in acting but also in commercials and as a singer. In 2016, he starred in ‘Legend of the Blue Sea’ with Lee Min Ho and Jeon Ji Hyun and gained recognition.

Shin Wonho’s role was the eldest son of the family with three older sisters and has a delicate soul, he thought he would no longer suffer from the nagging of women if he leaves his sisters but he fell in love with Miwoon (played by In Ah) in the drama.

When asked about the story of his ‘Risky Romance’ casting, he said, “It was my first casting call. When I got contacted, the reading was set for the next day. I went to the script reading without reading the script. The whole day when we did the reading, there was a staff sitting behind me.”


“So I attended the script reading without reading the script and was determined, saying ‘Ah, I need to do this’,” he said sharing his casting story.

He played as Choi Jaeseung, a resident internal medicine doctor. We asked if there was difficulty due to the frequent use of unfamiliar words. He said, “It’s not a hard medical drama but a fun romantic comedy genre. Sometimes it is not hard but I think what kind of disease is this? I need to know.”

We asked if there if he has any reference for Choi Jaeseung, he said while laughing, “There is the drama of my life rather than a reference.”

He also said, “I watch ‘New Heart’. I like that work so much that I watch it again and again.”


MBC’s ‘New Heart’ is a 2008 drama starring Ji Sung and Kim Min Jung.

‘It is a drama starring Jisung, who is Jisung to Shin Wonho?’

“I respect every part of him. I also just finished tvN’s ‘Familiar Wife’. Jisung did variety of roles, and no matter what they are, he immerses in it and I think that’s cool.”

He also revealed why he respects Jisung, “Since I was a child, I always wanted to be like Jisung.”

We wonder what role Shin Wonho, who loves his work, wants to challenge.


Shin Wonho said, “I’ve always wanted to play the cute and bubbly youngest child. Now that I am older, I’ll do everything I can if I get the opportunity. But since I look younger than my age, I think I can do it now and enjoy it.”

‘Do you think Shin Wonho, who is on his 8th year since debut, is a role model for someone?’

Shin Wonho said, “It would be great to be famous but I think it’ll be good if people see me and say ‘Oh? You’ve seen him on TV?’. I am grateful for being able to act. I think I should do better in the future to be satisfied.”


In addition, “I am grateful that I was given work, I will try harder to live like this. I want to keep going regardless of the work.”

He made his debut with Beanpole CF in 2011, so we asked if there are other CFs he wants to try, “When I made my debut, I shot 12 a year. I’ve done a lot. But, I’m thankful to be an exclusive model for ‘nII’. I’ve been doing it for 2 years but I still look forward to it.”


Actor Shin Wonho made his debut 8 years ago but he still looks like a passionate rookie. We see a person who is doing his best in any given role and we look forward to his future roles.



Source: TopStar News

Trans by: Caren

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The group made their debut in Korea on June 11th, 2012, and in Japan on March 13th, 2013.



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