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[SHIN] 180922 Shin Wonho, “I hope you have a peaceful and happy Chuseok”


“I hope everyone have a peaceful and happy Chuseok.”


Shin Wonho who played Choi Jaeseung in the MBC drama ‘Risky Romance’ sends his Chuseok greetings.

“I hope everyone will be safe, happy and full of laughter for Chuseok”, said Shin Wonho who recently met with HeraldPOP wearing a Hanbok at a cafe in Jongno-gu. When we asked him about his plans for Chuseok, Shin Wonho said, “I am working without a break for Chuseok but I think I’m happy.”

In the drama ‘Risky Romance’, Shin Wonho played the role of Choi Jaeseung, who has three older sisters, eldest son of the family and has a delicate soul. Choi Jaeseung thought he would no longer suffer from the nagging of women if he leaves his sisters but he fell in love with Miwoon (played by In Ah) in the drama.

Shin Wonho said, “Miwoon is the mindful and caring type. And I didn’t see it.” When asked if Miwoon is similar to his ideal type, he said, “I take care of myself”, while laughing.



Shin Wonho, leader of idol group Cross Gene and an actor, said, “I think nothing is too difficult in doing both. My members and fans are very considerate. As a leader, I always feel like I am lacking and I feel sorry about it. I feel like I should be a great leader like my seniors. I think of a lot of opinions about myself. I have my own opinion but I try to respect when everyone has their own opinion.”

When asked about his future goals as an idol and actor, Shin Wonho said, “I don’t have big plans, and I don’t know where I am headed. But it doesn’t mean I have no definite goals.”

He added, “I define myself as an entertainer. An entertainer is someone who must be good at anything and can do what they do well. If given a drama, they should be good at drama. If it is music, the music should be good. I want to do anything that can be done. I think it is a way of expression. It may take some time but I want to do it bit by bit.”


He is a youth with a lot of dreams. As an idol, actor, Shin Wonho has a lot of things to show. We look forward to seeing what other attractions he will show the public in the future.



Source: Herald Pop

Trans by: Caren

[SHIN] 180923 Cross Gene Shin Wonho, Thirsty for New Challenges



Already in his 8th year since debuting, Shin Wonho who has tried both singing and acting still says he is at the starting point.

Shin Wonho started his career in the entertainment industry in 2011 as an advertising model for a clothing brand and later on became an actor by appearing on dramas such as “Bachelor’s Vegetable Store” and KBS2’s ‘Big’. In 2012, he joined Cross Gene as a vocalist and became known as a talented singer in the music industry.

In 2016, he caught the attention (of people)  in ‘Legend of the Blue Sea’ with Lee Minho and Jeon Jihyun. Last 17th, he had an interview with Chic News after the end of the drama ‘Risky Romance’.

Last 21st, before the Chuseok holiday, we held an interview in Hanbok with actor and singer Shin Wonho at the Chic News head office. Shin Wonho is an active leader of idol group Cross Gene while building his filmography as an actor. In the interview, we were able to hear his goals in 2018 which only has 3 months left.


Q: You are wearing Hanbok before Chuseok. How does it feel?

Shin: I really like Hanbok. These days, there are a lot of comfortable clothes but I hope we can change into a society where we can normally wear Hanbok.


Q: You have an interview for Chuseok, we are curious about your holiday plans.

Shin: I am planning to for a 2 days, 1 night trip with my childhood friends. I have a friend who is a social worker and now, he supervises the plan travels. We have not decided where to go yet, it’s still a debate.



Q: If your friends who is a social worker makes the plans, what is Shin Wonho’s role?

Shin: I’m the regular person. If I have to do anything, it’ll be driving. My social worker friend is the best driver but my friend can’t do it all so I’m driving. (laughs)


Q: We can feel by the way you talk that you have great affection to your friends.

Shin: We’ve been friends since I was 6 years old. Even if we are busy, we make time to see each other often. I met with them recently and we talked about old school stories like eating, going on school trips and even those stories become healing.


Q: What other things does Shin Wonho consider ‘healing’ aside from his friends?

Shin: I am living with my cat ‘Corn’ who is almost 2 years old and 8 year old dog Minari, who are friends who give joy to me. Of course, the expense for these children is huge but the happiness they give me so great so I think I should do it.


Q: ‘Corn’ and ‘Minari’ are unique pet names.

Shin: I decided to name my pets after foods because they said that they will live longer. In my cat’s case, I usually like corn but I changed it to English and simply named it ‘Corn’. My dog is named ‘Minari’ because there was a parsley tasting in a morning show I was watching at that time so I named it ‘Minari’.

**Minari is literally translated to Parsley.


In addition, Shin Wonho showed his love for his pets by showing several photos along with the words, “I want my children to have happy memories and I just want them to live long.”


Q: Your love for your friends and pets are different. Please tell us about your parents.

Shin: When ‘Risky Romance’ ended, I went to a 3 nights and 4 days trip to Okinawa with my parents. I went to a trip with my parents once I finished my work to thank them for always supporting me on what I do.


Q: Do you have any plans for another trip?

Shin: I decided to go to Okinawa again with my parents. There was a pancake restaurant but we weren’t able to eat because we had to wait in line for too long. I promised them that we’ll eat there together next time.



Q: It’s been 8 years since your debut. Do you think you are moving toward the goal you’ve dreamed of?

Shin: I still feel that I am lacking. I feel bad about it but I also want to praise my enthusiasm so I think I’m currently at 50%.


Q: Still, you run hard in the singer and actor roads. Do you have a role model?

Shin: I’m still lacking. I want to follow everyone and I’m still trying to. If I would to mention one person, I’d say Ji Sung. He is my favorite senior. I watched the drama “New Heart” starring Ji Sung about 10 times.


Q: What role would you like to play?

Shin: I want to play strong characters in the past but now, I want to play a student of my age. I want to see and associate myself in these roles.


Q: I think you are someone with a lot of passion for acting and desire (to appear) in movies.

Shin: Of course. (For the producers) I think I’m ready, why won’t you call me? (laughs)


Q: You are walking both as professional singer and actor but it seems not difficult (for you).

Shin: There is no particularly hard part. If I had to pick, aside from the physical strength, there are no hard part. When I get tired, I try to sleep everytime I can. I feel sorry that sometimes I don’t have time to groom but I have been getting a lot of advice from my seniors about what to do.


Q: Do you have any goals you want to achieve this year?

Shin: I want to try new challenges. I am into coffee these days so I want to get a barista certification. I want to do different things that I can enjoy while acting.


Q: Lastly, greet the Chic News readers for Chuseok.

Shin: I am receiving a lot of love. I want to show you how grateful I am by improving. I hope your Chuseok will be full of laughter, and it’s been an honor to greet you through Chic News.



Source: Chic News

Trans by: Caren

[SHIN] 180610 Shin Official Instagram Update

ShinShin's InstagramTranslations

Hello. This is Cross Gene’s Shin Wonho.
This time, I was tagged by Yoonyoung to participate in the Ice Bucket Challenge!
The first ALS Nursing Hospital in the country is being built so they need a lot of attention and support
Through this opportunity, me and everyone will continue our interest and support.



“CROSS GENE” is a group consisting of 5 members from Korea and Japan. Each member has their own catchphrase which is symbolised by their gene.

Their style is a mix of 3 different cultures; it is not K-POP or J-POP. From Asia to the world, a new “Global Sound” is born.

The group made their debut in Korea on June 11th, 2012, and in Japan on March 13th, 2013.



Miracle Gene
Husky Vocal


Presh Gene
Nice Leader


Gorgeous Gene
Gorgeous Vocal


Organic Gene
Deep Tone Rap


MyPace Gene
Sexy Pop Vocal